Acknowledging Tactile Universe

Using our logo

There are six variants of the logo available – purple linear, purple stacked, black linear, black stacked, white linear, and white stacked.  Please make sure to use a colour with a high contrast ratio with the background. If displayed on a webpage the alt text should be set to “Tactile Universe”.

Citing our project

For citing the education side of the Tactile Universe:

Nicolas J Bonne, Jennifer A Gupta, Coleman M Krawczyk, Karen L Masters; Tactile Universe makes outreach feel good, Astronomy & Geophysics, Volume 59, Issue 1, 1 February 2018, Pages 1.30–1.33,

For citing the technical side of the Tactile Universe:

Krawczyk et al. 2019 (in preparation)

Citing our software

If you use our software to create your own 3D models please cite it using our DOI:

Coleman Krawczyk, & Tactile Universe. (2018, October 26). TactileUniverse/3D-Printed-Galaxy-Software. Zenodo.

If you want to specify a specific version of our software follow the link to our DOI, select the specific version on left side of the page, and use the version specific citation displayed.  Example for v3.7:

Coleman Krawczyk, & Tactile Universe. (2018, October 26). TactileUniverse/3D-Printed-Galaxy-Software: Invert images (Version V3.7). Zenodo.

Using our materials

All of our models and lesson plans a released under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives license.  You can attribute the Tactile Universe by including the statement:

These models and lesson plans were created as part of the Tactile Universe project.  More information about this project can be found at

Social media

We would appreciate if you tag the Tactile Universe when tweeting about your project that uses our materials (@TactileUniverse).